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“I was hoping hospice would help Mom. I had no idea how much it would help our whole family.”

- Margaret F., Daughter

Your Hospice Team

Your collaborative Lifesprk Hospice team includes:

Hospice medical director
Social worker
Spiritual and bereavement counselor
Hospice aides
Specially trained volunteers

Your hospice team joins you, wherever you are on your journey, wherever you call home: Your home, independent/assisted living campus, or skilled nursing facility.

How Your Hospice Team Supports You

You have compassionate experts to lean on. You’re part of a collaborative force. Together, you, your family, your physician, and your hospice team develop a plan for moving forward. Every element of the plan is designed around your unique needs and preferences.

Hospice is here to support you and your family physically, emotionally, and spiritually as you move through this time in your life.


The medical experts on your hospice team give you hands-on care and guidance. Specially trained to keep you physically comfortable, we stand ready to relieve your pain and manage any other symptoms.

Wherever you are, we provide you with the medications, medical supplies, and equipment you need for your hospice condition. When necessary and based on your individual care plan, we also see that you receive services from nutritionists and physical, occupational, and speech therapists.


As you make this life transition, negative emotions can overwhelm you and your love ones, diminishing your quality of life. Your hospice team watches out for you. We want to hear your thoughts, help you work through your pain, find solutions to problems you’re up against, and coordinate a wide range of services for you.

We can also help you find inspiration, gratefulness, and meaning in this profound life passage.


As you face this time in your life, you and the people who love you might find comfort in spiritual care. Maybe you practice a religious faith, or perhaps you draw spiritual strength from other sources such as personal relationships, nature, meditation, art, or music. Your spiritual and bereavement counselor and other members of your Lifesprk Hospice team are experienced in supporting you spiritually, based on your own unique passions and beliefs.



Living with a serious illness, you may be receiving medical services from a variety of sources. Keeping everyone on the same page can be exhausting. Are all of your symptoms well managed? Does your treatment plan reflect your personal goals? We make sure that all of your medical services are integrated.

In addition to our own experts, we’re connected to the broader network of medical professionals and community services. We may be able to streamline your experience, helping you navigate the healthcare system and community at-large to find the right services.

The Lifesprk full continuum of care takes a palliative approach that’s centered around you and your family, affording all of you a better quality of life.

With hospice comes hope.

  • Hope of waking up with things to look forward to.
  • Hope that your family finds strength and peace.
  • Hope for wise friends to walk the path with you.
  • Hope that your wishes are understood and honored.
  • Hope for healing conversations with someone you love.
  • Hope that you’re cared for by experienced people with kind hearts.



Talking about hospice isn’t easy for anyone. If you’re feeling nervous about starting the conversation about the care you want, you’re in good company.

Our team is ready to help start the idea of talking about hospice care.

Start the Conversation